Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Short but Welcome Visit

January 6, 2012

On Sunday morning the Chelsea Bowmans dropped into 9 Lambert for a short visit and lunch. Samuel was happy to see the bus and garage he had asked for last night at Mary Janet and André's. David sipped a little watermelon. Then it was time to go home for the afternoon "dodo".

Dinner at Mary Janet & André's

January 5, 2012

Today the little Bowman boys visited cousin Mary Janet and André at their condo for our annual New Year's  dinner. The dinner has certainly become livelier since the boys arrived. Samuel was excite to get a view from "en haut".

While David got some attention from the adults, Samuel played with Grant.

During dinner David focused on a colourful hanging toy. Samuel ate his dinner with the adults and then helped Uncle Grant blow out his birthday candles on his pineapple fruit salad. Sam dished some fruit out for everyone.

A little more play time and then it was time to bundle up for home.