Saturday, March 23, 2013

Skiing to Renaud Lodge

March 23, 2013
It was good to see redpolls visiting the Chelsea boys bird feeder.

It was also fun to see Samuel and Grant trying out the new sliding hill, with help from Boots and Chester.

David smiled as he was loaded into the car for a ski trip to Lac Philippe. As soon as they arrived, Kirk set up the chariot and he was on the trail.

Today Samuel skied all the way to Renaud Lodge and back, with a little help from his friends.

Conditions were warm so some used waxless skis and others used purple extra.

As we turned into Renaud cabin trail, we admired some rabbit tracks.

We all enjoyed our lunch. David showed off his new eating (sucking) skills.
After lunch, Sam and Grant skied a cabin trail. Sam also tried feeding the shy chickadees. We resorted to ``lancer les graines`` so the birds could enjoy them later.


Soon it was time to head back home for naps.

Sam learned how to pole, and how to take off his skis and carry them to the car. Luckily he may get in a few more practice runs before the warm spring weather melts the trails.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samuel Visits the Museum of Nature and David Visits the Clinic

March 15, 2013
Today Samuel discovered dinosaurs. He had seen pictures of them but today he would see the real thing. It was the Friday of the March Break so he joined lots of other kids at the Museum of Nature.
 The first stop was the Fossils Gallery. Awesome! For Bill, Barbara and Grant too.

 As Samuel still seemed to have lots of energy we hiked up the big stairs to the second floor where water, fish and boats kept Sam interested.

 Our final stop was the Mammal Gallery. This really interested him (and us!). He was very observant and studied the animals carefully.

 After a long morning we hiked to the van to head to 9 Lambert for lunch and a nap.
 While Sam was settling down in his tent for a nap, Karine and David arrived. They had a good visit with Karine`s colleagues at the physiotherapy clinic in Bells Corners. David kicked and smiled for awhile and then went down for his nap too.
Later in the afternoon both boys were up and Sam was happy to show Maman and David the photos of his trip to the museum and his new dinosaur. The boys enjoyed playtime with Maman.



When Papa arrived after work, the Chelsea boys went outside for a hike/tricycle ride around the block.

 Sam's favourite part of supper was an ice cream bar. He asked for "un autre" but one was his limit for today.