Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On the Deck

April 28, 2013
After a visit and picnic lunch at the Museum of Science and Technology, the Chelsea boys and Papa arrived at 9 Lambert for a visit. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on the deck. David enjoyed his spatula and Samuel checked out the Thomas the Train book and some cars Barbara had found at a garage sale. Then he helped Uncle Grant fill the bird feeders. David lay down on the lounge cushion and showed off his kicking skills. Lots of smiles! He was happy to drink from a bottle (waiting for Maman to return from a course). Sam found it interesting to watch Grandpa's Venturers download the canoes from the van trailer (returning  from Work Weekend at Camp Opemikon). Then Maman joined us for dinner together on the sunny deck.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Snowy Cottage

April 20-23, 2013
On early Sunday morning the Chelsea boys had breakfast and a bath, and set out for the cottage where Papa, Grandpa and Grant were working on the ceiling. We said goodbye to the Redpoles at the bird feeder.

The boys arrived at the cottage in time for lunch.

While David jumped, the insulation work continued.

Reudi kindly showed Sam his amazing train set.

Then Barbara and Sam hiked over to visit Terry, his fire and his cat, also known as Sam.  After, Sam got busy making our own fire, with Grant's help. David enjoyed it too.

Boots liked being outdoors; but had a quick/cold dip in the water.

A chipmunk and many birds kept us entertained. Sam was interested in the rabbit pellets.

Sam helped Papa put some bags of construction waste out for the garbage pickup. Then it was time for a last family hike before heading home.

Sam was very interested in checking out the big hole in the road where Papa had got stuck on the way in. The big new ditch was very impressive.

The Chelsea boys left but we checked in with them for a pleasant dinner on our way home the next day. Sam showed us Ross' new playstructure - to be constructed soon.
Photos 34-35

Gavin's Birthday Party

April 20, 2013
The Chelsea boys joined Gavin to celebrate his first birthday.  The party was at Grandpa Michael Throp's home in Aylmer. Michael's dog Robbie greeted them.

Gavin demoed some of his walking steps. He also is good at pulling earrings.

The adults snacked in the kitchen and the kids played in the living room.

Gavin's  cousin Ozzie arrived and there was more good playtime. Ozzie and Sam enjoyed getting loot bags at the beginning of the party. And David had fun with his spatula.

Grant showed us his hockey trophy - best scorer!

More family and friends arrived and the party continued. Sam and Ozzie played and David jumped.

Grant prepared steak and potatoes for us all.

Soon it was time for the birthday cake! Of course Gavin need some help blowing out candles and digging.

After his cake, Gavin was ready for a bath. Sam and Ozzie enjoyed the water toys too.

Finally it was presents and then time to get into pjs and to say thanks for a lot of fun.