Thursday, July 21, 2016

Play Day

July 20, 2016

The boys came to 9 Lambert for the day. A big hit was playing with the space shuttle - the long lost booster rocket was found. David enjoyed setting up the train rack.

Then they had fun flying WW1 biplanes with Grant.

A picnic lunch completed the morning, followed by helping Grandpa repair a canoe float.

Then we were off for a visit to the Experimental Farm. Learning about cow milking was a hit. The boys enjoyed the playground. They were very interested in watching the suckling piglets. A coin made a pig snort- lots of laughs!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Music concert, biking and cottage time

July 17, 2016

This was a busy weekend! It started Friday afternoon with Samuel's music concert at La Petite Fanfare - he had been learning songs and was introduced to playing the piano and the violin. He was a very good performer!

At home after the show, he showed us how he practiced the piano.

The next morning we met with our bikes at Blue Sea Lake where we had a picnic lunch and the boys had fun playing/swimming in the lake. Karine played some music for us. We said goodbye to the Mallards and a yellow sea plane. It was time to start our bike ride to Messines. We biked along the road to the bike path.

It is a beautiful bike trail. We stopped for another swim again and had fun at the playground in Messines. Then the boys got what they were waiting for - a visit to the cottage. Soon we were back in our cars and heading there for swimming, checking out our new inflatable "island" and enjoying a BBQ supper. They had fun making a dog "birthday cake" for Boots who is 10. Boots splashed around in the water checking out his new "toys".

It was a perfect Saturday when the boys woke up early the next morning. They had breakfast and then headed out with Grandpa and Barbara for a loon count. A family of Mergansers was on the dock. Grandpa helped Sam drive the boat. When we saw a loon, we would have a drink of hot chocolate or a cookie. We saw several adults and one small young. We watched a Bald Eagle fly over.

Back at the cottage, Grandpa and the boys made their chocolate ice cream - it would be a treat for supper.

Then Sam went tubing, the boys swam and went the men went fishing for pike. Papa caught one! The day ended with a campfire.