Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spring Day

Saturday, May 5 2018

Baseball and Biking

Sam is registered for a baseball league and sports camp for a week in July, so he had fun practicing. David enjoyed whizzing around on his bike.

Maple syrup cleanup

Papa had been busy cleaning up the family maple syrup operation.  Everyone pitched in to get it put away for another year.


Maman and Papa got the trampoline ready for action and the boys played with their friends.

BBQ supper

We gathered on the deck to enjoy a family BBQ with Maman’s homemade soup.

Family walk

After supper we all went for a walk. A sapsucker was busy on a tree by the driveway when we returned.  Soon it was getting dark and time for Grant & grandparents to head for home.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Last Maple Syrup

Sunday, April 21 2018

Maman was working today. It was the last day for boiling maple sap. Papa worked at the boiler and the boys had a fun day in the sunshine/snow with their friends, Ross and Fiona. Grant joined them. They snacked on popcorn.  Boots relaxed in his spot in the sun.

The new dining shelter was impressive.  Papa got the barbeque working and we enjoyed BBQed sausages with maple syrup followed by BBQed waffles with fruit and maple syrup.

After lunch, Papa returned to the bubbling sap and the kids had more fun outdoors.  Sam and Ross made a “water slide” and a teeter-totter while David and Fiona shared a swing. Then Sam and Ross had some fun in the hammock.  Finally, they got Grant to help them make a “beaver lodge” of sticks. It was a fun day.

Monday, April 16, 2018

An Icy Holiday

Monday, April 16 2018

A freezing rain storm meant no school for the Chelsea boys today.  Papa brought Boots and them over for a day at 9 Lambert. David and Barbara made some chocolate bread pudding. The boys played with toys, David tried a computer puzzle and then the boys had fun with Wii Fit. Freezing rain and ice pellets fell so we stayed inside.  We enjoyed some hot chocolate, pasta and David’s pudding at lunch.  Then Grant played Super Mario with the boys while ice pellets and tree branches fell outside.  It was cozy and fun for us all inside. Maman picked the boys and Boots up later in the afternoon.