Monday, June 18, 2018

Visit to 47 Chemin de la Rivière

Father’s Day, June 17 2018

On their way home from the cottage, Grandpa, Barbara and Grant dropped in to have dinner with the Chelsea Bowmans when they returned from Sam’s baseball game. Grant played with the boys, then Sam set the table for a picnic supper while Papa was busy at the barbeque and Maman got some more food ready in the kitchen.  We all enjoyed our meal, ending with a delicious rhubarb cake.  The boys gave Grandpa a fishing lure – a white mouse!- for Father’s Day. Then Grandpa played a new nature guessing game with Sam – he said it was fun.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Bowman Family Cottage Visit

Weekend, June 9-10 2018

Uncle Craig was visiting so it was a good opportunity to have a family visit together at the cottage. Puzzles and games were fun. Craig finished our difficult water/sky/boat scene puzzle. Boots and Misty relaxed.

The boys were able to quickly spot 2 wasp nests on the deck.  Grandpa pointed out some visiting birds.

Boating and fishing were popular both days.  A bald eagle towered over them at Gladu Island.


The cold water didn’t stop the boys from having a lot of fun playing with their play structure near the dock with Grant.  They also helped launch the raft.

On Saturday, Sam and David enjoyed cooking over the fire.  We had an early BBQ dinner on the deck on Sunday.

After the Chelsea boys left for Sam’s baseball game on Sunday afternoon, Grandpa caught 2 lake trout.  We delivered one to Maman on our way home.