Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Busy Saturday

December 9, 2017

Maman was working today so Papa and the boys came to 9 Lambert. Papa spent some time checking out Uncle Rick’s old train set but it remained seized up in spite of soldering on a new wire.

After lunch, the boys had fun checking out the Miracle Melting Snowman. It really did melt down and then they could rebuild it again (and again).

Soon Grandpa had the boys help him make gingerbread cookies – the moose was a favourite. They made some cookies that would hang on their Christmas tree.

After the cookies we made our annual gingerbread house – this year it was a dog house for Chase of the popular Paw Patrol series. David asked for chocolate chips to complete the roof. (He snacked on a few) We put it in a box to go home.

Maman suggested we meet her at a restaurant for dinner. We had a good time together at The Works Gourmet Burger on Bank St.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Grandparents Day at Montessori

December 6, 2017

Grandpa and Barbara were scheduled for an hour’s visit to David’s daycare. He was upstairs with the oldest children. On the wall we saw his photo under October birthdays. He enjoyed doing some activities such as matching different textures blindfolded. He worked very carefully as some of the choices felt similar He was very proud when he took off his mask and had them all right. Before we left one of the staff took a photo of the three of us.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Skating Practice

December 2, 2017

Samuel had new skates and he wanted to try them out. Papa drove the boys to the City Hall City rink but it was under maintenance so was closed. He searched and found an open public rink – the Belltown Dome, near Grandpa’s house. When we arrived, the Zamboni was in action – the boys enjoyed watching it. Then they got their skates on and enjoyed one hour of free skating. Samuel took off quickly right away. David soon got the idea and was zooming around too – if he fell he just jumped up and continued on. We all agreed this was a great place for family skating.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Grey Cup+

November 26 and 28

Maman, Papa, the boys and Mary Janet joined Barbara, Grandpa and Grant to watch the Grey Cup on Sunday evening. We all enjoyed Papa’s pike and bass for a fish dinner. We were cheering for Toronto as Mary Janet was visiting. Sam had made a blue and white Argonauts cake. We also tested the Christmas cake David and Grandpa had made. And the Argos won!

On Tuesday we had a chili dinner together in Chelsea and enjoyed some more of Sam’s football cake as well as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Maman had made. The boys showed us where they put the birch snowmen they had worked on with Grandpa. Then they played and had a bath. In the meantime the adults carried in a large chest of drawers from Rick’s house to use for the boys’ clothes. Putting their clothes in the big drawers in their bedroom was fun for the boys.