Monday, January 26, 2015

Samuel's Birthday with Friends

January 25, 2015

On Sunday at 1pm all was ready for Samuel's pirate 5th birthday party at his house.

It was a cold sunny day with lots of snow. Friends arrived and soon joined in the outdoor fun.

A campfire for roasting marshmallows...

Snowballs, a snow fort and just enjoying snow time...

Grant pulled David in a sled but the little guy was tired and soon came indoors for a long nap.

Soon the party kids were sliding.

Hunter tried out some hockey on Ross's rink with his Dad and Papi.

Yum... hot chocolate!

After about an hour, everyone came in for snacks and a very busy play time.

Karine organized a find the treasure hunt game

 And Papa set up a pirate ship piñata. This was very popular. Everyone scrambled for candies and toys.

Then it was pirate cake time. The granddads enjoyed two cupcakes each.

Sam's friends handed him their gifts to open and then they played with some of them.

Sleepy David woke up and joined this part of the party too. Sam gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

It was a super success with lots of smiles from everyone.