Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hallowe'en is Coming

October 28, 2013

Grandpa and Barbara decided to drop in on Karine and the Chelsea boys on Monday on their way home from a long weekend at the cottage (working on a new ceiling). Everyone was outside. Samuel and Ross were having some swinging fun. David was walking about. We were happy to spot some migrating juncos on the deck and on the grass.

We all enjoyed some lunch together.

Sam and Barbara practiced some lion roars.

And David played with toys.

Then it was pumpkin carving time. Sam drew the face and Maman cut out the shapes.

David decided to do some exploring - check out the video.

Then he helped finish the pumpkin. Sam added some arms he found in the forest (although Boots kept biting them).

After the pumpkin carving, Sam blew some bubbles.

Back inside, David showed his teeth with a big smile and Grandpa and Sam put some stickers in Sam's book.

Soon it was nap time and time to say goodbye...


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Great Uncle Rick’s Birthday Dinner

October 20, 2013

The Chelsea boys joined us to celebrate Great Uncle Rick’s 65th birthday. We had a fun time together at Le Resto in Old Chelsea http://www.boucaneriechelseasmokehouse.com/leresto/index_en.html

David SMILED in his happy way.

Rick enjoyed his fish and chips and beer and special dessert. Samuel provided candle blowing assistance. Then he opened a chocolate treat. And helped Rick open a gift bag.

A fresh walk in the dark to the Chelsea Dam completed our family evening together.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday at the Farm

October 14, 2013

Our little boy, David, was one today. He happily celebrated with Samuel, Fenna and Jaspar at Saunders Farm.

Pumpkins were a hit.

A tractor-pulled wagon ride was a favourite of Sam's. David joined in the fun too.

Next Sam wanted to feed some farm animals. Soon his little brother got into the action.

It was super to have Henk, Jodie, Fenna and Jasper join us. As the older children watched a puppet show, birthday boy tried some snacks.

Then it was time for all the kids to climb aboard a wooden ship.

Next came the BIG slide. Everyone got in the action here.

At his birthday lunch, the birthday boy smiled a lot! Fenna and Sam decorated some ice cream cone brownies. The apple cake was very yummy!

Sam and Papa blasted some corn cobs at a pumpkin target.

In the afternoon the older kids played, jumped, explored... with Uncle Grant and David watched and smiled. He did show off his walking skills. His walking is a bit tippy but, if he falls, he quickly pulls himself up and keeps moving. He has lots of energy - he entertained himself all day without a nap.

It was a happy birthday for everyone.