Thursday, August 6, 2015

Horseshoes Plus

Saturday-Sunday, August 1-2, 2015

The Bowman boys arrived at the cottage Friday night and went straight to bed. Tomorrow would be a big day.

Saturday was a beautiful morning - it started with fishing and swimming. Sam decided to cast near some weeds. Papa caught some weeds! David was happy watching the action. He spotted a mother loon with a large young.

Then Papa and Sam worked hard at installing/wiring Grandpa's new "winch" anchor.

After lunch, it was time for a swim and some more fishing to test out the anchor.

Then we packed up our food and extra clothes in the van and headed over to the Tims for our annual horseshoe tournament. Cousin Stephanie and Bruce arrived too. Barbara made her annual swim over; Sam paddled his kayak and Papa paddled his canoe.

Beach time, swimming and snacks... luckily the forecast afternoon rain held off until later.

Nadine organized horseshoes for the adults. The boys enjoyed watching the action. Finally there were winners!

Grandpa, Glen and Terry were soon busy barbequing fish.

Then we were all enjoying an amazing meal. We celebrated Alex's 80th birthday and Terry and Tony's 70th birthdays - with a tasty birthday pie.

The boys had fun with sparklers to complete their day.

Sunday morning began with fishing and swimming off the boat. Good swimming Sam! Then back to the cottage to get ready for tubing.

Sam loves the big waves. David made chocolate ice cream with Grandpa. We all had lunch together on the deck with chocolate ice cream for dessert. Then it was time for the boys to head home to get ready for their trip to Nova Scotia.