Thursday, August 15, 2013


August 13, 2013

The Chelsea boys visited Grant at Christiaan and Annie's house to have supper with Grant who was looking after the zoo for a few days.

Just as the boys were arriving, Grant gave Bizou his antibiotics.

Sam helped Grant with the zoo chores.

Karine and David helped husk corn and soon everyone was enjoying dinner together.

A Drop In Visit
August 12, 2013
On the way home from their cottage, Grandpa, Barbara and Uncle Grant were lucky to 
find three little boys to play with. Sam's friend Ross was visiting. Ross likes trains too!

The boys checked out the growing cherry tree and practiced canoeing.

David gave us his big smile - as usual.

Papa's equipment was out - he is cutting moulding for the house - but he was away on a bike ride. Hope to see him next time.






Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Weekend Festivities

August 2-4 2013

The Chelsea boys biked from Low to Farley, Thursday and Friday before the long weekend. They camped overnight on the Picanoc Rver near Gracefield. Their friend Simon and his parents joined them on Friday. David seemed well rested but the rest of the family was tired when Barbara, Grandpa, Uncle Grant, cousin Stephanie and Boots delivered their car to them at the casse-croute near the 105/Messines. Sam decided to travel to the cottage in the van with Boots.

Samuel soon found the canoe and the water. No bathing suit necessary. Stephanie got busy putting up her tent.

More water time on Saturday. Cousin Gavin and his parents joined the group. What could be more fun – three little boys and a dog!

Sam went fishing with the big boys and David had a good nap.

In the afternoon it was time for the annual horseshoe tournament at the Tims. Congratulations Grandpa/Barrett and Papa/Alice!

Papa prepared some barbequed cheese and baguette. Maman decided her boys were tired (note they are wearing the Lac des c├Ędres shirts worn by their Papa when he attended horseshoe tournaments as a little boy) so she took them for a chariot ride and soon they were happily resting,

After their rest it was time for the amazing fish pot luck dinner – with pizza cookie!

 Sam enjoyed some sparker time. And Nadine gave him a glow in the dark bracelet.

 Sunday morning: more canoe and beach time…

Sam and Papa helped prepare a birthday lunch for Gavin’s Dad. Fresh biscuits. Followed by balloons and birthday cake.

Soon it was time to head for home – but first let’s catch some frogs.