Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Week at Morin-Heights

December 21-25 2015

Maman and Papa rented a chalet at Morin-Heights at 948 Chemin du Village for Christmas week. The Bowmans joined them Monday-Friday morning and the Majors from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. Happy times.


Maman and Papa, boys and Boots drove to Saint Sauveur on Monday to get the key for their chalet. They arrived at the Morin-Heights chalet mid-afternoon to unpack and get settled. By the time Grant and Craig arrived, Papa had hung the stockings on the fireplace. He had bought a Christmas tree and was busy decorating it. Holiday time! Craig placed our poinsettia on the mantel and prepared a supper of pulled pork on buns with fries and salad.


When Grandpa and Barbara drove to Morin-Heights on Tuesday morning, Maman and David were having fun playing in the soft snow. Grandpa and Barbara soon settled into their comfortable bedroom and put their presents under the tree. Samuel proudly showed us the Christmas bag he had decorated at school for his parents.

We enjoyed lunch together. Craig gave the boys each a decoration for the tree.

Sam was happy to help Grant start a winter puzzle while David and Craig had a nap.

Before supper the boys enjoyed a lively game and did some more work on the puzzle.

In the evening, we had pasta and chocolate fondue, a night time slide, more fun with puzzles and a warm sauna to end the day.


Today was a downhill ski day. Although it was above freezing and foggy, a few man-made snow runs were open at Ski Morin-Heights. The skiers headed out right after breakfast. Sam started on the `bunny hill` but soon was on a chairlift for a more challenging run. David was happy with the smaller hill - his first time on downhill skis.

See the boys in the action videos:

Later in the afternoon the boys relaxed watching some Thomas the Train videos.

Later they had fun making a gingerbread train with Craig.

Grandpa and Barbara enjoyed a hike with Boots in Saint-Sauveur.


It was Christmas Eve. Sam and Barbara started their day with cups of hot chocolate. Then Maman and Sam had fun racing around the chalet, timing their runs on Maman`s phone, followed by a family game by the tree.

Grandpa, Barbara and Boots explored the roads in the Morin-Heights hills. Boots enjoyed a walk.

Maman went shopping and Papa and the boys played outside and then took a walk on the Aerobic Corridor (no snow for skiing). Barbara, Grant and Boots went to meet them.

Grandpa put on his Christmas apron and was just about to put our Christmas turkey in the oven for dinner when the power went out. After about half an hour it still hadn't come on so he went in search of a propane tank for the BBQ - none to be found. So we waited some more... Kirk bought some red candles which we set up in beer bottles.

Grandpa and Barbara decided to explore Blue Jay Park which had a scenic outlook - another good walk for Boots.

The puzzle team finished the puzzle!

The power came on at 4:45pm - it had been off for 4 hours. We decided to have a late dinner. What would we do until 9pm? Let's start with Grandpa's leek and potato soup and Christmas crackers/whistles, with Maman making music for us.

Checkout the video:

Let's admire a beautiful full moon.

Let's each open a gift. This was a lot of fun.

Now let's enjoy Grandpa's turkey and Christmas pudding!


Samuel and Barbara were the first ones up Christmas morning, 7:15 am. The sun was rising. The others joined us gradually. Kirk lit a cheerful fire. David was the last one up at  8am. Let's open our stockings!

Then Samuel acted as our Santa...

We had Christmas breakfast together and then it was time for Grandpa, Barbara, Grant, and Craig to head home. We left the boys happily playing with their new toys.