Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bowman Brothers

October 2012
David Charles Bowman was born at 12:01 am. Wait for the video to load...

Samuel had a sleepover at his friend Ross' while his parents were at the Maison de naissance. In the morning of October 14, Barbara, Bill and Grant picked him up and took him home for a clean up. He played with a little baby doll in the bath and got dressed to visit his new brother. He reminded us to bring the "gateau" Karine had made for him to bring for the "birthday".

He happily greeted his Dad at the birthing centre and ran upstairs to find Karine. A new family of four together. Samuel happily patted the baby's head - lots of soft black hair! The cake was a hit.  Sam helped David open his birthday present.



We had a chance to hold our new 9lb 1 oz baby. Papa gave him a diaper change. Grant and Sam had a good playtime.


By lunch time the new family was on its way home where Boots greeted them with his usual enthusiasm. Soon everyone was asleep and we "visitors" headed home.

Of course, we checked in soon to enjoy more holding time. Three days after his birth, he got his new name: David Charles.

Later in October, we celebrated together with champagne with orange juice at dinner. Sam says "chin chin" (orange juice only for him and Karine). As usual, he had a fun playtime after dinner  - especially playing with foam "tires" from his uncle Carl's car bed. He showed us his "bibitte" collection jar. And, he enjoyed story time.

As well  as celebrating David's arrival, it was also time to get ready for Hallowe'en. Samuel the "chevreuil" and David came to visit us at 9 Lambert. David received some gifts which his parents opened for him. Samuel got a book too!

 Sam soon discovered a long box and some cars. It didn't take long to build a ramp.

 Then it was time for our Hallowe'en dinner together.

Kirk and Karine had fun looking at some photos of Kirk at  the same age as Sam. Then it was time for Kirk to settle David down for his trip home.



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