Sunday, November 17, 2013

Boots Goes Birding

November 16, 2013

The Chelsea boys and Boots came over for a visit on Sunday afternoon. After a short play we decided it would be a good time to visit the Wild Bird Care Centre or Stony Swamp for a little birding adventure. We drove in to both parking lots with our sunflower seeds in bags ready to feed the chickadees but both places had No Dog signs :( 

We headed over to Cedarview Rd./Lytle Ave. At the end of the street there is a good trail which parallels the 416 all the way to Fallowfield Rd. Boots was allowed on leash, so off we went. David walked with a big smile and Sam held Boots.


Puddles were fun!

We could not attract elusive blue jays or chickadees to our seeds so we left some on the trail for them. We had a good sighting of a pileated woodpecker.

 Sam walked/ran all the way to a park. David was on Grandpa's shoulders then travelled with Grant in his backpack.

 As the sun was setting we happily headed back to our cars, and home.


Sam was eager to construct an old race track of Papa's.

After dinner the boys played the piano a bit with Maman... while Boots licked David's highchair.

It was fun being together.


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