Monday, June 16, 2014

Fishing and Celebrating Father's Day at the Lake

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today Kirk brought the Chelsea boys and Boots to the lake for a swim. The forecast for a hot day was a bust. Boots was the only one who went in swimming. Still we all had fun.

Grandpa, Papa and Samuel decided to try fishing for lake trout while David played with Uncle Grant.

Then he got busy helping Barbara make some yummy chocolate cupcakes for the fathers. He was very careful with the decorations.

Soon the big boys came back. No fish. Kirk cooked some big hot dogs on a campfire and soon everyone was eating lunch - including cupcakes.

The Farleys got 4 trout, so Sam and Grandpa went and got the heads and fins for the Lake Trout DNA study that the lake association is doing.

 Then they toasted marshmallows. This warmed everyone up.

The big boys bundled up and headed out to fish again while David tucked in for a long nap.

After his nap, David checked out Barbara's bridge and met Sam the cat.

The fishers, including Grant this time, returned with a lake trout and a pike - and cleaned them for supper. Sam checked out the pike's sharp teeth.

A fish barbeque and cupcakes/apple crisp made a good supper.
Time for tired boys to head home..

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