Thursday, September 11, 2014

Horseshoe Weekend

Saturday August 2, 2014

The Chelsea clan arrived at the cottage for some fun at the beach and to help Grandpa make some homemade chocolate ice cream.

Soon it was time for the horseshoe tournament at the Tims cottage.  Some went by canoe and Barbara swam as usual.

There were plenty of other children this year from the Brownlee clan not to mention Gavin.

It was a great day for beach time.  David was really interested in the horseshoes, but the Bowmans finished out of the running this year.

Seb let the other kids try out his motorized dune racer, which they all loved.  Sam soon got the hang of it was racing around with David and then Phoebe, much to the amusement of the adult onlookers.

The old guys barbequed up a bunch of trout and salmon which everyone enjoyed.  The kids had a treat of pizza cookie made by Colleen, a special recipe of Eileen Tims.

The day finished with environmentally friendly sparklers instead of the polluting fireworks.  It made little difference to the young ones.

The next day was more beaching, a little fishing and a turn on the new tire swing.

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