Monday, February 23, 2015

Sam Skis and David Plays

February 22, 2015

Today was a "warm" winter day with a high of -6◦ - the first one in a long time. Unfortunately the planned dog sledding event was cancelled for today. Papa, Maman and Samuel decided to use their Edelweiss ski passes in the afternoon. Grandpa had a bad cold so Grant and Barbara came up to Chelsea without him to play with David.

When they arrived, Papa was shovelling snow off the roof. Soon Grant got busy helping him shovel. There was a lot of snow!

Barbara went inside and watched Karine's new robo vacuum in action. Sam showed her a valentine he had made. After a good snack, he set up the ski lift he and his friend Stella had built from the fireplace to the stairs. Then Sam and Maman enjoyed a game of Trouble together.

Sam got ready for downhill skiing and showed Barbara how he could balance on one ski boot. Soon they were all ready to leave for a good ski together.

It wasn`t long before David woke up. He enjoyed his new popper. Boots was interested for a few minutes and then decide to have a rest.

Then David cooked up some plastic food on his toy stove.

Next we tried the real thing and made some yummy Pillsbury apple turnovers.

As it was so nice out we got David ready for some outdoor play time. He loves the snow!

When he came in at the end of the afternoon, he set up a track and showed Grant how to run a car down it. He was still playing with this when the tired skiers (Sam said he only fell once!) came home for supper.

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