Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trains and Play

Monday November 9, 2015

It was another day off school for Samuel (teacher's strike). Barbara met Maman and the boys at Bridgehead beside MEC where Sam and David were enjoying chocolate croissants with cups of hot chocolate. Soon they were on their way with Barbara to the Fallowfield Via train station.  When they parked they saw the Toronto train coming.  Exciting!

After the passengers boarded, the train headed towards Greenbank Rd., so we went in to check out the train station. Sam soon spotted another Via train coming from the opposite direction. We had about 20 minutes to look at this train before it headed towards Woodroffe Ave.

Then we were off to 9 Lambert for a day of playing games. The boys enjoyed grilling their own sandwiches for lunch. In the afternoon, Sam discovered a space shuttle with rockets and a fuel tank that could eject. Grandpa showed him videos of real space ship takeoffs on the computer - Sam loved this and excitedly explained what was happening to David (while he munched on some popcorn).

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