Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas is on its Way

December 15-17, 2016

Maman and Papa were off on their trip to Jamaica. After a few days with Karine's parents, the boys and Boots came to 9 Lambert, Thursday-Saturday.

Grandpa, Barbara and Grant picked them up at their schools Thursday afternoon.
The boys checked out our Christmas tree, had some play time, made their own pizzas for supper and tucked into bed with Grandpa for a Christmas story.

Friday was a busy day. It started with an advent calendar chocolate. The boys made fruit "candy canes" for breakfast. Then it was time to assemble their Christmas gingerbread train and to make gingerbread cookies with Grandpa. Then we went outside to enjoy sliding in some fresh snow. Back home to play a game of hockey by the fire before our BBQ picnic supper.

Saturday the boys made "snakes" for breakfast followed by Grandpa's special eggs. In the afternoon, Samuel went to the NAC to see "A Christmas Carol" with Grandpa while David enjoyed some puzzle time.

At 6pm we were at the airport to meet Maman and Papa. It was a very happy reunion.

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