Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pre-Christmas Visit with Craig

December 22, 2012

On the Saturday before Christmas, the Chelsea Bowmans came into Ottawa for a brunch at Mike and Lenke's. About 11:30am they visited 9 Lambert too. Craig showed Samuel how to crack walnuts. Then Sam played with the Christmas Santa. Karine showed David the bright Christmas tree lights.

Kirk and Samuel opened a gift bag from June (Pamela's talented mother). It was a beautiful "cat" theme quilt for David. Karine quickly wrapped it around him. He was in a happy mood this morning and enjoyed a cuddle with Uncle Craig.

After Sam's nap, he played with crayons - he likes to fit them all into a container. Then Sam enjoyed a story read by Papa from his new book from Howard and June. Finally, he helped Grant make a salad and we all gathered for a lamb dinner together.

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