Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Frog Day on the Jock River

June 18, 2013

Karine brought Sam and David to 9 Lambert then followed Grandpa and Grant out to Joy's Road just outside of Richmond.  On the way, they passed a very active Osprey nest.

After donning their bug jackets, Sam and Grandpa went down to the water and immediately found and  caught a Leopard Frog.  Success!  They let it go after admiring it and taking a few photos.  But there seemed to be no other action, so they decided it was time to launch the canoe.

Grant decided to stay with Karine and David, while Sam and Grandpa pushed off in search of more frogs.  The area was extremely froggy looking, and we heard the occasional Green Frog calling, but we could not see any.  They saw a Great Blue Heron and a painted Turtle, but no frogs!

They saw the others who had taken a path further along the shore.  After conferring, they decided to head downstream to the railroad bridge.  They paddled right underneath but did not see a train, since one had passed as they were launching.  An Eastern Phoebe posed obligingly.

They tried a bit of fishing with worms and Grandpa's new Father's Day lures, but nothing was biting.  So they moved over to the near shore and started back towards the landing.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa spotted a young Bullfrog, which he was able to catch with the net.  Then another and another!  Hey, where did they all come from?

A couple more jumped away, but they got two in the canoe.  Sam excitedly ran up to show the rest of the family the frogs in his nets.  Then  he went back to the water to let them go.

Then it was off to the bakery to get Sam a treat and some cookies for Kirk (minus a few they ate).  They drove to the park at the foot of Lennox Street.  Grandpa set up a table and chairs and brought out the lunch.  They heard another train, but it passed out of sight.

Finally, a surprise.  Grant spotted another frog at the shore - this time a Green Frog.  They had had a wonderful morning, but David was letting them know that he had had enough.  Time to head for home.


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