Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exploring the Museum of Nature

March 28 2014

On this rainy day, Samuel checked out his umbrella to get ready for his trip to the Museum of Nature.

Soon we arrived - looking forward to seeing marine animals, dinosaurs and a special exhibit on frogs of the world. Where should we go first?

Blue Water Gallery
Sam picked the marine section as his first choice. We admired a gigantic blue whale skeleton, checked out the fish tanks and stepped into a submarine.

Then it was downstairs to see the dinosaurs...  Sam enjoyed a video, in the company of a few large school groups.

Next we took an elevator up to the third floor to explore the frog collection. We started out with a frog golf game and discovering the different frog sounds. Soon we were checking out the frogs. Some were hard to find! Sam enjoyed another video, some frog stories and drawing a frog.

Mammal Gallery
As our last stop, we checked out Canadian mammals.

Then it was time to head home to make frog sandwiches for our lunch. It was a big day of discovery for us all...

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