Monday, March 3, 2014

Trains, Maple Taffy and Birds

March 1 2014

Maman was away studying physio in Toronto for the weekend. On Saturday Papa brought the boys and Boots over for a play day (well Papa got his hair cut too). As soon as they arrived, Samuel headed for the trains and then played with some blocks. Sleepy David settled down for a nap.

At lunch, after some soup and sandwiches, Grandpa and Sam gathered up some fresh snow to make maple taffy. Grandpa and Papa discussed how to boil maple syrup to the "soft ball" stage so it would be just right for taffy twirling. It didn't take long! Yum!

Then it was time to dress warmly for a trip to the Wild Bird Care Centre. The little chickadees were cooperative. But some big turkeys ran away when we approached them.

Inside the Centre, some cormorants were enjoying sardines for lunch. The boys were curious about all the birds and spent some time checking them out.

We decided to take a hike to the pond (we'll have to go again when the ice has turned to water).

Back home for a game, stories, supper and a bath. Time to go home for a long night's rest.

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