Monday, October 13, 2014

Raptors on Uncle Craig's Birthday

October 5, 2014

The National Capital Commission organized a free bird of prey demonstration today at Lac Philippe. Papa and the Chelsea boys met us at Breton beach for a picnic and the show.

It was Uncle Craig's birthday so Papa took a photo of our birthday picnic and emailed it to the birthday boy.

Before the show we were able to see a Harris's Hawk and ask questions about it (it lives in the southern USA in a desert habitat).


During the show we also saw a Barn Owl, a Kestrel, a Great Horned Owl and a Bald Eagle. David was particularly attentive.

Samuel also enjoyed the show but also had a little rest during part of it. Interestingly, two of Barbara's colleagues from work, Pierre and Isabelle, got into a picture with the sleepy Sam.

 After the show, Papa took David home for his nap and Sam came with us into Wakefield for an ice cream cone - dark chocolate and raspberry. We had a fun walk along the river and the old railway track.

Back at home, the boys' friend, Levi, biked over - he's just three and an excellent cyclist! Sam's good friend, Ross also came over for a play.

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