Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Grandpa's New Boat

April 28, 2015

Today Grandpa and Barbara were picking up their new Legend fishing boat and taking it up to the cottage.

While they were at the boat dealer's, Papa texted Grandpa to let him know that he was home with the boys (daycare felt David was sick) and they would like to see the new boat. No problem - the Chelsea boys lived on the way to the cottage. They loved checking out the boat features.

We had a picnic/BBQ lunch together and Sam proudly showed us a "sparkly" rock he had made. Then he worked at raking a new bike path around the house, through the forest and past some flowers.

Then it was time for putting the cover back on the boat and attaching the boat to the van.

The boat made it up to its new home. In another few weeks it should be in the water and ready for the boys to have their first ride.

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