Sunday, April 12, 2015

Maple Syrup

April 12, 2015

We visited the Chelsea boys at home to join them in a fun "sugaring" day in the sunshine.
When we arrived, they were visiting their neighbours who were boat sitting for friends. The kids were in the boat. Samuel and Stella were wearing lifejackets. Levi and David checked out the equipment.

We admired Papa's new maple sap boiling stove. This would be there last day boiling sap from their ten trees.

Then it was back to Stella's and Levi's to play in the mud, make a river and try out the slide. Boots chomped on a large piece of ice and a cheerful song sparrow chirped for us.

 We all gathered at the boys house for a BBQ lunch together.

The kids had a good play in the forest. Their friend, Ross, joined them.

Grandpa and Barbara took Boots for a walk on a new path (too icy to go far).

When they returned it was time to take the ten pails off their trees and to finish boiling the sap.

David enjoyed a good nap and Levi went home for a nap too.

Tired happy boys.

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