Tuesday, May 19, 2015


May 17-18, 2015

The Chelsea boys, their parents and Boots arrived for a cottage visit after lunch on Sunday. First thing - check how many frogs are in the pond ( 5 green frogs).

Next item: christen the new Legend fishing boat. Let's have some champagne (sparkling juice for kids). Samuel's name for the boat: Tubeboat. Pop the cork, serve the drinks, make a toast and pour a little liquid over the bow. Followed by a snack served by David.

Now Tubeboat went on its inaugural run.

Sam was excited to try out his new minnow trap (from Mary Janet/André) . Then he transferred the minnows to our aquarium (5 minnows today).

Then the boys had a little inside time followed by supper on the deck.

After supper we decided to take the leftover champagne to Terry and Colleen. Terry had helped Grandpa launch the boat from the trailer into our lake at his beach. He should celebrate too. The Chelsea boys paddled over in a canoe and the rest of us walked. Champagne delivered, the boys paddled back.

Story time for Sam.

Monday morning, the fishers set out right after breakfast. David played "throw rocks into the lake for Boots to catch".

Sam came back with a 2.5 lb. lake trout. He was very proud. He watched Grandpa clean it.

Then it was time to put yesterday's and today's minnows back in the lake and say goodbye to the lake.

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