Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grandpa's Birthday and More

Thursday August 27- Friday, August 28, 2015

Papa was called in to work on Grandpa's birthday so we picked up the boys and Boots to take them to the cottage. Papa was planning to join us there for supper and to stay the next day too (Maman had to work). Grandpa got some neat presents from Sam - a big "Canoe" lure and a cardinal solar light.

David had a good playtime with Grant before he got dressed.

Samuel showed us his new school knapsack and all his school supplies (his first day of school is next Monday).

On our drive to the cottage, Barbara stopped at the Wakefield Bridge so Grandpa could  case out a canoe run for the Venturers with Sam's help.

Then we arrived at the cottage - after a stop for slurpies.

While David had his nap, Sam made some birthday doughnuts (Pillsbury biscuit dough) for Grandpa.

When David woke up, he played while Grant read Sam a Garfield comic.

Then the boys patiently waited for some popcorn to pop.

It was beach time. Sam checked out Grandpa's boat ladder. Everyone enjoyed the water.

Papa arrived when the boys were back at the cottage. We had a late birthday steak dinner - complete with doughnuts!

Then - sparklers!

Finally it was time to join Lambie and Lambie's brother for a good sleep.

The next morning, David finished his breakfast  and checked a minnow while Sam enjoyed a game of Garfield.

Then the boys went fishing - Grandpa soon had a fish to clean.

We cooked the fish for lunch over the fire - and we had a fire cooked dinner for supper too. Then it was time for the boys to get into their pjs and head for home and Maman.

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