Thursday, September 10, 2015

Samuel Starts School

Tuesday September 1, 2015

On Monday Samuel and Maman visited l'ecole du Grand-Boisé for an orientation session and to meet his teacher, Chantal.

Samuel was only at school a few hours on Tuesday morning so Grandpa, Barbara and Grant looked after him the rest of the day. As Papa wanted to pick him up on his "first day" he decided to pick up David at the Montessori school/daycare too. We all met there late morning, handed the kids some snacks and headed for home while Papa returned to work. We made a quick stop to return a canoe to Christiaan,with Sam's help.

Barbara took a few "posed" photos of Sam with his backpack.

We had a picnic lunch together and Grant gave the boys a ride in the wheelbarrow.

While David had his nap, Grandpa took Sam to Wakefield for an ice cream and a hike. Sam noticed some deer footprints in the sand.

David got up and showed off his swinging style.

When Sam arrived home, Maman did too. And Stella and Ross came over to play. Three happy kids starting school this week.

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