Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ottawa Wins the Grey Cup After 40 Years

November 27, 2016

Today was Grey Cup Day, Ottawa Redblacks (underdogs) vs  Calgary Stampeders, in Toronto. The Chelsea boys came over to 9 Lambert with their parents to see the big game. David had a little nap in the car while Sam and the adults threw some footballs around outside. Boots enjoyed being outside too. Soon it got dark, so time for everyone to go in.

Grant and Sam got busy making a football player brownie cake wearing their red and black shirts.

Then everyone, including Cousin Mary Janet, had a lively `Game of Life`.  Sam was the big winner.

Snacks, dinner, football brownie cake and watching the exciting game until half time when the boys had to go home to bed. The winning touchdown was very exciting. We will watch again next year when the Grey Cup will be in Ottawa.

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