Sunday, November 20, 2016

Samuel Tries Cosmic Bowling

November 18, 2016

Today was a PD Day for Samuel. We picked him up at Core, Maman's physiotherapy workplace. As soon as he got to 9 Lambert, he and Grant played a plane war game set up  on our old computer.

Later in the morning we decided to go to Merivale Bowling for a game. It was a PD Day in Ottawa too so there were lots of kids there. It was very dark - set up for cosmic bowling. Our shoes were glow in the dark and the table surface was glow in the dark. Loud music too. We soon got into the mood. Grant had the highest score and Grandpa was happy to beat Barbara (who got a strike) with his last shot. Sam did really well, making most of his shots.

Back home we had lunch and Grant and Sam continued their computer game. Soon it was 2pm, time to deliver Sam back to Maman.

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