Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Break Fun

February 27 - March 3, 2017
It was Sam's March Break. We had three busy days with the boys.

Monday, February 27

The boys came over in their costumes Monday morning. Our day started with some white hot chocolate at Tim Hortons - no luck with Roll Up the Rim but they enjoyed themselves, followed by some playtime at the dentist while waiting for Grandpa.

After lunch they took Grandpa for his first trip to see the Experimental Farm animals. The boys were lucky to participate in a maple taffy demo, to feed some soft little bunnies, to touch a goat, to play on the train in the snow, to spot some House Sparrows for Grandpa,  and to visit the cows. David used the Farm map to find the horses. Grooming a horse was a real highlight. Then it was time visit the windmill and head home.  It was a busy afternoon!

Wednesday, March 1

This was Via Train Day. We had tickets to take the train from Fallowfield Station to Smiths Falls, 8:45-9:11am. Grandpa would drive the van to meet us at the Smiths Falls Station. We checked the Ontario map and noticed the train track went straight to Smiths Falls but the Grandpa would have to take a longer route to get there on the roads. As the train went down the track, the boys spotted several road crossings with gates and flashing lights. Barbara saw a deer. Soon we arrived at the station and explored along the track for about 10 minutes when Grandpa arrived. Time for a snack!

Grandpa drove us to a park by the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls. It was a good place for birdwatching. Grandpa pointed out a Bufflehead and Samuel spotted two Trumpeter Swans through the scope.

Back home, the boys made their new train cars and Grant showed them his Legacy of the Wizard game. David played with Grant's train. A good way to end our train trip day. After work, Maman came for a visit and took them home for supper.

Friday, March 3

Today Boots and the boys arrived for a play day. They helped Grandpa pack the trailer for a Venturer trip and played Cobra Triangle with Grant. When Maman came in the afternoon, we took Boots for a walk and tried some very icy tobogganing.  Later in the afternoon Maman left to have dinner with Aunt Natasha. Papa arrived just as Grandpa was leaving with his Venturers. Sam fed Boots and we all enjoyed having supper together.

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