Sunday, July 2, 2017

Flying, Chickens and Caterpillars

June 18, 2017

As we had planned on Father`s Day the boys would fly in a biplane - first Grant and Samuel, then Papa and David on a tour organized by the Canadian Aeronautical Museum. We arrived at the Gatineau Airport, Vintage Wings hangar. It was raining as another flight took off. We had time to get an amazing tour of the private vintage planes in the hanger from a very knowledgeable Aviation Museum/Vintage Wings volunteer.

Then it was time for Grant and Sam to get equipped for their trip. The rain had stopped so they wouldn't get wet on their flight.

The pilot filled up the plane with gas. Then Grant and Sam got in their seats, set to fly. The pilot settled in his seat towards the back of the plane and they taxied down the runway and soon were airborne. They were on their way up the Gatineau River for a half hour tour.

A kestrel flew overhead.

Now it was Papa and David's turn to get ready for their flight.

Soon Grant and Sam were descending/landing. Big smiles!

Now Papa and David got into their seats and were soon in the air for their flight over the Ottawa River, circling from west to east over Ottawa and then back to Gatineau.

This time we were again entertained by the kestrel as well as by a group of parachuting sky divers. Soon we spotted our flight return with two happy fliers.

Now the boys wanted us to come to their place to see Ross' growing chickens, so it wasn't long before we hopped in our cars and headed up to Chelsea. First the visit to the chicken coop, then Sam showed us his garden, David demoed his zip wire gliding skills, the boys had some popsicles, they helped remove some caterpillars from their apple tree and they had had fun running through their garden sprinkler...  then we all enjoyed a Father's Day steak dinner together.

Sam's school days are almost over... and he has read 50 books this year!

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