Monday, March 9, 2015

Skating with Ross

March 8, 2015

The Chelsea boys were going skating at Ross' rink next door. After a diaper change for David and help with skates for Samuel, the boys were on their way.

Samuel showed off his fast skating skills.

David slid along on his bobskates.

Soon speedy Ross came out and the ice activities got a lot faster.

Jim brought Fiona out for some ice time too.

The boys huddled up in the net playing spider.

Then it was time to play some hockey with Papa

Grandpa shoveled off the barbeque to cook some hot dogs for our picnic lunch.

David came back home to do some sliding.

Soon we were all enjoying our picnic together.

Nap time for David, Papa and Grandpa. The big boys played with the crane and built a large castle.

The afternoon ended with an outdoor treasure hunt and some more sliding. It was a fun day.

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