Monday, March 16, 2015

Snowshoeing Day

March 15, 2015

Today was warm with fresh snow. We decided to go snowshoeing on Cross Loop with Samuel while his family was having a rest (David-nap; Maman-sore back; Papa-sore ankle). As the road was not plowed, we could not drive to the snowshoeing trail, so off we went on the snowy road. Sam loves snowshoeing and was often up on the banks, jumping and sliding. He laughed when came to the ``PP`` signs.

We made some pictures in the snow and checked out an historical information sign.

We admired the shining sun images on the snow.

Soon it was time for a rest and a snack. Chocolate milk and cheesies.

Then we continued on to the snowshoe parking lot.

Grandpa spotted a ``leaf`bird`` and we snowshoed across a field to see it. Interesting for Sam was some barbed wire. Then he and Grant made a small snowman he called ``GaGaGooGoo``.

We had more fun on our way back to the van.

Back at home, Sam wanted to build a big snowman. Then he went skating at Ross's.  Finally he checked out the maple sap (not much today).

David had fun inside making some popcorn with Maman.

We gathered together for a delicious dinner before the boys`bath time.

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