Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Visit

June 21, 2015

Grandpa, Barbara and Grant dropped in to see the Chelsea boys on their way home from the cottage on Sunday. Ross' dad, Jim, and Ross had just made a periscope. The boys had fun trying it out. When Jim told us a phoebe was nesting at his house, they checked out the nest.

Although no phoebe was in sight, a Raven soared overhead.

The boys played outside. Grandpa and Barbara admired the cherry tree in the backyard - neatly covered in netting to prevent birds from eating the fruit.

Grandpa opened a gift bag - some "tubing" rope and a spoon lure from Kirk and Sam. David sat quietly looking at pictures in the whale book which Grandpa had picked up at the Friends of the Experimental Farm book sale.

As soon as Maman put out some veggies and hummus David enjoyed his favourite cucumber slices.

We gathered around the deck table for a delicious steak dinner. We toasted Pamela as it was her birthday today. Pizza cookie completed the meal.

After dinner we hiked down to the Gatineau River, blowing dandelion seeds. A Cedar Waxwing sang for us. David carried a little bowl of smarties. When Grant told him Barbara's favourite colour was yellow, David gave her his one yellow smartie (he ate it later on the way back). We walked along the railway track and found the path to Sean's dock. Here Sam had fun throwing sticks in the river for Boots. When Maman joined us she brought some fresh radishes from her garden.

It was a relaxing end to Father's Day.

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