Monday, June 15, 2015

Fishing Day

June 7, 2015

On Sunday Maman was working and Papa brought the boys and Boots up to the cottage. Papa and Samuel (wearing an old sweatshirt of Papa's) were all set to catch some fish. Sam and Boots checked out the water - cold...

They soon were off. David was working on an animal puzzle with Grant and Barbara in the cottage but called out "bateau!" when the boat left. He seemed tired so Barbara settled him down for a nap.

A Common Merganser couple landed right at our waterfront. 

When the fishers returned (no fish), we had lunch (nachos) and then Kirk helped Grandpa set up his downrigger (it needed a ground wire).  David like watching the boat. Sam had a good time throwing sticks for Boots. Grant and Sam helped winch the boat up. Then Sam invented a "slide" and both boys had fun sliding down the boat ramp.

All the men/boys went fishing. Sam proudly came back with a lake trout and a perch.

Grandpa barbequed the perch for supper. The boys roasted some marshmallows on Grant's fire.

Samuel caught a small American Toad to show us.

Before leaving, Sam and Papa chose some lures to keep from Grandpa Grant's old tackle box.Barbara gave David a plastic worm so he would have something too. David looked at it and said "Il est mort".

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