Monday, June 15, 2015

Rest for David

June 4-5, 2015

On Thursday morning Kirk got a call to pick up a sick David at the Ecole Montessori in Chelsea. Barbara met them at the Mill (David had thrown up crossing the Portage Bridge). We cleaned him and his car seat up and Barbara drove him to 9 Lambert. He was pale and not too energetic, had a rest and ate a little breakfast/lunch with Grant. He was happy to see Maman when she picked him up after work.

We had another good day with David on Friday. Barbara got him some Children's Tylenol and he slept for a few hours. He could concentrate on setting up and running Grant's train. After watching a Thomas the Train program on TV later in the afternoon, he was ready for another good nap. When he woke up, Grant and Grandpa took him for a little walk around the back yard. We hoped he would be feeling better for his trip to the cottage on Sunday with Papa and Samuel.

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