Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fishing and Birthday Picnic

May 22-23, 2016

It was Sunday of the long weekend and the Chelsea Bowmans came up to the cottage. Grandpa had the Legend launched and ready to go.

The boys had brought up some large bullfrog tadpoles which they had caught at home in the Gatineau River. Maman released them into the pond.

Then boating and fishing were on the top of the list. Soon Grandpa, the boys and their parents were off.

They came back for lunch - no lake trout this morning...
After lunch, Grant went fishing with Grandpa, Papa and the boys - this time Sam wanted to try casting. Maman stayed and quietly played her guitar and sang.

Although the fishers saw some large pike, they weren't biting yet. When they returned the Farleys came to show them a nice lake trout they had caught. Very impressive!

After dinner, David asked Grant for "un feu". Barbara lent him her bug jacket and he had a lot of fun breaking up small sticks to make a fire. Then it was time to put the tired boys to bed.

Very early Monday morning Papa and the boys got set for more fishing. Grandpa got up too and they set out again. Barbara watched a hummingbird feed at her planter. Then she spotted a red-breasted nuthatch entering/leaving its nest in a hole in tree near the path to the hydro lines.

When the fishers came back, they proudly showed us a big 4lb. lake trout that Papa had caught. Sam watched Grandpa clean it and put it in the freezer for the horseshoe dinner.

Then it was time to head back to Ottawa to celebrate Aunt Wanda's birthday at Andrew Hayden Park. What fun the boys had with their cousin Gavin! David loved helping Wanda blow out her candles.

After our picnic supper, Papa, Maman, Sam and David climbed up a large slanting tree branch. The boys were very proud of their accomplishment. Then it was time to say goodbye and head home...

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