Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Geocaching

June 23, 2016

Samuel's school was over for the year, so he spent the day with us. It began with a snuggle in sleeping bags...

Then we were off to find three geocaches on trails near Shirley's Bay. It was a beautiful spring morning with flowers and birds all around us.

Grandpa had to work his way through the forest to find the first geocache. Sam was happy to get a small suction cup to play with.

Grant found the second geocache and Sam got another suction cup.

We hiked a side trail to where Sam discovered a little path near the geocache GPS reading. Grandpa bravely went in by himself as there was some poison ivy along it. He called out that he had found the area for the cache but needed help finding it. Grant went in and helped him locate it on a tree on the other side of a dried up creek. It looked like a birdhouse. Grant came back and carried Sam through the poison ivy part of the path and Sam pulled a small container out of the birdhouse.

That was it - 3 caches! We hiked to the Ottawa River.

It was a long hot hike back to the car.

Soon we were back home for lunch and a playtime with Sam's homemade play dough. Some scootering completed his afternoon with us.

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