Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fishing and Father's Day

June 17-19, 2016

On Friday night we arrived at the cottage after dark and heard happy calls coming from the dock. The boys were eager to show us the fish they had caught casting. Three bass were keepers and Papa was soon busy cleaning them.

Early Saturday morning, the boys were happily intrigued with a large moth which had landed on our front window.

After a morning of fun in the water, we lit a fire and cooked our fresh bass. Yum! Boots got in the action too. Then the fishers headed out in the boat for an afternoon of fishing.

On Father's Day, we had fun with the Dads at breakfast time.

Right after breakfast Sam joined Grandpa and Barbara for a loon count - 11 loons, including one on a nest. Plus we saw a bald eagle. We all enjoyed it. We returned to the dock to see David practicing looking through binoculars.

After lunch, the boys headed home and Grandpa went fishing - he was very happy to catch another lake trout. A good end to a happy weekend.

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