Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Years 2017 at the Cottage

December 31 16 -January 1, 2017

On Friday afternoon Grandpa, Barbara and Grant arrived at the cottage - the road was slippery so they parked at the top of Tims hill and pulled their gear in by sled. Terry Tims had turned on the heat, so our cottage was warm. After we got everything set up, we hiked over to the Tims for dinner. After dark, the Chelsea Bowmans arrived and got settled into the cottage where they enjoyed several games of crokinole.

Saturday morning, a big hot breakfast and more crokinole. David tried on his New Years crown. Then it was time for some fun in the snow. We hiked/slid over to the Brownlees where Seb had an amazing luge run for sliding and a neat snow fort. Scott was clearing his big rink for skating.

We had a family New Years Eve roast beef dinner followed by New Years candles and sparklers on our deck.

Then we headed over to the Brownlees for a skate. Big flakes of snow were falling. It was a fun way to celebrate a Happy New Year.

On New Years Day Grandpa and Barbara started the day with a snowshoe. The kids returned to Brownlees for more fun sliding, skating and playing in Seb's snow fort. Then it was time for the Chelsea boys to head home.

The next day Grandpa and Barbara went for a ski, then they packed up too. What a beautiful weekend!

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