Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Playing, Reptiles and Canal Skating

February 17, 2017

Today both Chelsea boys had a PD Day so we enjoyed an action-packed day together, starting with playtime and  a wild animals video.  Sam and David enjoyed their favourite pogos for lunch. Sam is now missing his two bottom teeth.  

Then it was time for a trip to the Museum of Nature to see a special Reptiles exhibit. The boys loved the snakes with legs (skinks). They studied each exhibit to look for camouflaged reptiles. They got some reactions from snakes to their stuffed pets.

We were going to leave for a skate on the canal but Sam asked for a visit to Earth Sciences (the boys remembered the cave). David wanted to see the dinosaurs again and then the bears. So it was late afternoon for our skate.

We laced up at Paterson Creek. Then the boys were off. Sam is a proficient skater. David awed adult skaters when he raced by them. For beaver tails, Sam selected Chocolate Hazelnut. Then we skated to the big cranes near the University of Ottawa and turned back as the sun was setting. A thirsty David tried a little fresh snow on his tongue. Then it was time to go and meet Papa.

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