Monday, February 13, 2017

A Visit to Jacques Cartier Park

February 11, 2017

Today the Bowman boys were off on a visit with their parents to Winterlude -  Jacques Cartier Park. Grandpa, Barbara and Grant met them there.  We headed for the slides which everyone enjoyed. An aerial artist was fun to watch. At lunchtime we went into the warm tent and squeezed around a picnic table. Maman spread out a lunch, and then treated us to poutine and pogos. David got his feet warmed up. Papa bought some yummy beavertails. David was then ready to go home. We said goodbye to Maman and David who headed for their car and the rest of us checked out the aerial zip line - Sam was tall enough to go but he and Papa decided not to get into the line for a long wait (they have a zipline at home). He wanted to check out the snow maze - very easy compared to the mazes at Saunders Farm! Sam really enjoyed the First Nations exhibit with the stretched animal skins. We watched a Kitigan Zibi elder show us how to bend a fresh ash branch to make snowshoes. Sam and Grant checked out a birch bark shelter. On our way out, Sam sat down on a cool ice bench and then tested out a neat bouncy "snake" and an airplane ride. It was a good day of winter fun.

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