Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Return from Thetford Mines

February 24, 2013
Samuel and David had a good trip / good time on their visit to Maman's friend in Thetford Mines.  When Grandpa, Barbara and Uncle Grant returned a very tired Boots (long walk today) to his family late Sunday afternoon, we had fun together.  First. a snowball fight led by Papa who ambushed us.

Then a visit with David - a very happy boy bouncing in his Jolly Jumper. 

Check out an action video:

More fun outside... more snowballs and a BIG snowman! Boots explored the quinzhee. Sam enjoyed his
play structure in the snow.

Grandpa held a very happy David. David was fascinated with the stuffed bird that Barbara held out for
him.  Then he tried his swing while Sam played with Uncle Grant.

A nice family supper and a play with Sam in his "blue" bath  ended our evening together .


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