Monday, February 11, 2013

Ski Trip to Healy

February 3, 2013

On a cold sunny day, Grandpa, Barbara and Grant joined the Chelsea family at P16 for skiing and lunch to Healy Lodge in Gatineau Park.  The boys travelled in their double chariot.

Sam happily hopped out of the chariot when we arrived. We had a good lunch together. David had a diaper change. Soon Sam was getting his cross country boots on to go out for a ski.

First stop was the bird feeder. Recalling the crossbills seen last time, we were on the lookout for birds. All the time we were inside, we only saw Common Redpolls and a few American Tree Sparrows at the feeder. So we were very happy to find several Pine Grosbeaks  on the ground beneath the feeder, including a gorgeous red male, surrounded by many redpolls. Sam loved seeing the birds up close.

Now it was time to ski back. Sam got a little help and skied almost all the way back to the car before he hopped into the chariot.

Grant and Kirk went for a little ski and Grant pulled the chariot.

Karine drove home, picked up Boots, returned, replaced the chariot skis with wheels and walked home pushing the chariot with two sleepy boys inside.






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