Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ski Trip - Fortune Parkway / Huron Trail to Huron's

February 16, 2013

The Chelsea Bowmans planned a supper ski to Huron Lodge. They invited Barbara and Uncle Grant to ski with them (Grandpa was camping with his Venturers at Otter Lake). For the trip up the Fortune Parkway and along Huron trail, Samuel and David travelled in the chariot. Grant took a turn pulling the chariot on the trail hills. As it was 5:30 when we reached the trail turnoff, Barbara decided to take the parkway and Ridge Rd. route. It would take awhile for the half moon to rise and provide much light. She made it all the way to Huron Lodge without a headlamp, arriving shortly after 6pm. Trail conditions were excellent - it was the Gatineau Loppet weekend.

The Huron chalet was full - a large group of OrleansVenturers assisting with the loppet were preparing dinner. They would sleep in tents and get up early to feed the skiers coming through.

When Sam arrived about a half hour after Barbara (their route was much longer and hillier), he was happy to settle in at a little table and light dinner candles. Then he helped Uncle Grant crack some walnuts. David seemed to like the noisy chatter in the cabin.

Karine and Kirk had brought some red wine and generously shared it with Barbara who only had water. They enjoyed their homemade pizza pockets and carrot cake. Grant and Barbara heated their zucchini sticks and vegetables on the woodstove. Sam tried out a few Hershey's kisses which Barbara brought. David had a feeding and a diaper change, still enjoying his time in the chalet.

David soon fell asleep in the chariot - he really likes being rocked.  Sam skied all the way back to the car. He loves his headlamp! First Papa and Grant held his hands, later Karine and Grant. He loved seeing the track setters pass by. He tried holding on to the back of the chariot for awhile but slipped under it and decided the hand holding way was better.



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