Friday, February 8, 2013

Sam's Fun in the Sun Birthday Party

January 27, 2013

Sam's parents had planned a Fun in the Sun summer theme birthday party for Sam at the nearby Cascades Athletic Club. All four grandparents and Uncle Grant helped set up for the 10:30am party.

Karine and her Dad wheeled the two boys over in the double chariot.

We all had fun getting the balloons, the trampoline and the summer theme props ready. David was looking very sporty.

Let the music begin! The families started to arrive and got right in the party spirit. Children were everywhere. Jasper was wearing a long sleeved red and blue shirt that had first been worn by Grant, then by Kirk - it's almost 40years old! David looked on from the sidelines (wait until next year!)

Karine started a game where the children run and put the yellow and red balloons in the pool. Lots of excited action! Sam got hit accidentally so was sidelined for awhile. Then it was time to lift the parachute out of the pool and launch the balloons upward. Excited activity for several minutes.

Click on the video to see the end of the game.

David got a little personal attention.

Bill started a BBQ outside and the food appeared for lunch. Everyone dug in. Then it was time for the train cake. It was popular with everyone - especially the birthday boy! David looked on.

Sam demonstrated how to fish for loot bags. This was a lot of fun.

Goodbye friends - come back next year!


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