Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outside and Inside

April 14, 2013
The Chelsea boys came over to 9 Lambert for lunch and a play. Kirk brought his trailer for loading up several bags of insulation for the ceiling at the cottage.
David was the inside boy. He loves a sunny spot. Today he discovered that a spatula is a fun toy.

Samuel, the outside boy, cycled around the block but hopped off when he got close to home. When he came in for lunch he gave Grant a beautiful painting of a train he had made.

 David ate some porridge - he is now 6 months old! Then he showed Maman his spatula skills.

David checked out Sam's train track.

While David settled down for his nap, Sam headed outside to help Grant sweep the deck, to feed the squirrels pumpkin seeds, to help Grandpa load up and deliver some Scout fertilizer and to drive his bike through puddles. A busy happy boy!


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