Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cycling and Curling

April 7, 2013
Today was a day of discovery for the Chelsea boys. They came over to 9 Lambert for lunch and a walk. David smiled and Sam and Grant put together a new little train set.

While Grandpa and Papa had a chat after lunch, David played and Sam discovered his engine could go without a track.
We all decided to go for a hike/tricycle ride as the sun came out for awhile. More fun for Sam in the garden and with the canoes.

Both boys went down for a nap and Papa and Maman went on a search for a little bicycle with training wheels for Sam - can a 3 year old ride a bicycle??? David woke up first and happily watched a spectacular game of the Men's World Championship Curling finals with Barbara.

The bike finding mission was successful - the second hand bike cost $5 and a training wheels set cost $30! Papa got to work getting it ready for Sam. David got the first turn and Papa tried it too.

Sam slept until suppertime. David tried some applesauce!
Soon it was time to go outside again to see if Sam's first try riding a bike while David gave us some more smiles.

Sam soon figured out it was faster to ride a tricycle, so he led us on a walk - lots of puddles to drive through!

Back at home the bike got some more action. David kept smiling.

Did Samuel really ride his new bike? Check out the action video...

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