Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring, Farm, Easter, Birthday...

March 29, 2013
This was a very busy day for the Chelsea boys. After breakfast they came over to 9 Lambert for a walk/pedal around the block. Samuel is now a pro at riding his Papa's old tricycle.
Just like last Easter, we decided we would visit the Valleyview Little Animal Farm, this time with David and K&K. This year Sam was happy to visit the little animals in the barn, although he was not ready to let them eat out of his hand.
There was lots of snow this year, including in front of the peacocks.

Grant decided to try the rotating drum. All the boys tried it!
Sam saw his "horse" and some other animals.

Then it was time for exploring the play structures.

Easter eggs! Soon Sam was ready to trade them in for a big Easter cookie and listen to some singing chickens.

We had some little animal pellets left so we revisted the hungry goats.

A final play on some tractors and it was time for lunch - the lineup to get in was HUGE!

 As it was still very cool outside we had a picnic on the floor inside at 9 Lambert. David showed us his big smile. Sleepy Sam had a story and then a nap.
After the boys rejuvenated following their naps, we headed over to Aunt Wanda's for a Caribbean dinner, featuring food from Jamaica and Cuba. David and Gavin were both interested in the coffee table. Sam and Ozzie got busy hunting for Easter eggs while the adults watched Grandpa's slides of Cuba. Then Ozzie and Sam discovered Daisy, Val's cat. And David showed off his supreme jumping skills.

Check out a video of Gavin "taking his first steps" (he will be one in a few weeks).
We all enjoyed our dinner together and the carrot birthday cake made by Stephanie. A good end to happy day.


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