Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Biking, Alpacas and Ice Cream

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Chelsea boys had a busy day outside. We found them playing on the deck and in the sandbox at home.

We headed out to Low to bike on the trail to Maniwaki (old railway track). Samuel hopped on his bike and soon was shoosing through puddles in the parking lot.

The trail was interesting as we travelled through the back country. Sam had to work hard pushing his bike up some gravel hills. After a few kilometers, he hopped in the chariot to join David and got pulled along to our lunch spot.


We had a picnic lunch together, decorated cupcakes for Canada Day, played in the grass and discovered some wild strawberries.

Time to head back - mostly downhill this time. Both boys decided to have a nap.

We loaded our bikes back on the cars and headed up 105 to visit a family farm with alpacas. All females, the alpacas were welcoming and friendly. Sam fed them some pellets. He thought it was funny to see the "caca". Then he explored a sun shelter with Papa and practiced locking a gate with Grant. He also said hello to a pet dog while his Maman, Grandpa and Barbara checked out some alpaca knitted socks and mitts.

 Time for an  ice cream stop at Kingburger on the way home. What a fun day!








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